All’s Well

THANK YOU for your well wishes and concern.  It feels awesome to feel your support, even if it makes me uncomfortable to be the recipient of the attention.  “All’s well” is the short story. There is actually nothing to report except that there is nothing to report, and that is a very good thing.  I’ve been able to run, bike, lift, work, etc.  The only symptom thus far is a mild case of laryngitis. Chemo is a humbling, cumulative thing, so we’re not naive enough to think the next 16 weeks will be this easy but thus far it’s been fine.
INDY“I’m not dead yet”, as the Spam-A-Lot lyric goes, and the chances of being able to claim victory over cancer again are very good.  The big change is attitudinal, my loss of innocence and to some degree, confidence (or hubris?). I will never turn my back on this disease again, and I’ll probably always have my guard up against a potential recurrence.  To say I am humbled would be a dramatic understatement, so… that’s that.

On more interesting fronts, this week Ian Carrick (Moe’s eldest son) is heading back to Bend for an undefined period of time. We are super-excited he’s chosen to take a respite from the big city (Seattle) for a while as he figures out what’s next. Being with our kids makes our hearts sing; I’m looking forward to seeing Moe’s heart and spirits swell as she lays eyes on her firstborn again. Also of current interest is Moe’s role as the lead organizer of Bend’s TEDx event. It has been great watching her lead the effort – her innate wisdom, solid leadership and partnership superpowers are extraordinary.

The next potentially newsworthy event related to me and this damn disease happens in a bit over three weeks when I do the first of three, 4 night hospital stays for  high dose methotrexate.  This “prophylactic” treatment coats my brain and prevent the lymphoma from ever going there (hopefully).  Don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me or Moe until around then, which also corresponds with TEDx.

Happy Easter, and happy spring!


Cycle One – Week One

Infusion Center“Point is….you can’t get your head right.  It is bigger than your head. It is your whole spiritual self that is overcome by this déjà vu of a challenge.  Keep to the game plan.  Good things happen just as often as bad things. You are due.”

I got this message from my friend and high school football coach, Dick Doyle, on Monday morning as brother Adam and I walked into the infusion center to begin my next chapter in better living through chemistry.  7 years after leaving this place feeling done with it, I felt very heavy with the déjà vu-ness of the moment. Good advise, Coach. It’s Friday and I ran 3 miles yesterday and felt mostly normal.  Astonishing. I was due, and I’ll take that run as a payment.

Its premature to change my plans to accommodate feeling good and perhaps being able to travel and work more than I anticipated, but it’s possible.  It’s 60 and sunny in Bend, and it could snow and be frigid tomorrow.  I’ll take today and call it good.

No one including me is going to be interested in the blow-by-blow of what will unfold in treatment over the next 4 months. Don’t worry, I won’t post based on the schedule, only when something that catches my attention seems share-worthy. Some people have asked how the whole flow of my treatment will go.  It’s more than about 99.9% would want or need, but here’s a link to the schedule.

Grateful and full-up with your support.